Por cambio de proveedor de telefonía, temporalmente le atendemos en el 01 33 3109 4414 (Todo México sin costo), 52 33 3109 4414 Internacional, 52 331 341 4060 WhatsApp
SlySoftware, Ingenious custom solution development
Software Development + IT Consulting + WebHosting
eCommerce + Dynamic web systems. Since 1986
Mexico 01 33 3109 4414 Call toll free
International: 52 33 3109 4414, WhatsApp 52 331 341 4060
SlySoftware, Ingenio en desarrollo de sistemas a la medida
Desarrollo + Consulting + eCommerce + SEO + WebHosting
01 33 3109 4414 Nacional, 52 33 3109 4414 Internacional
52 331 341 4060 Whatsapp 
01 33 3109 4414 Nacional
52 33 3109 4414 Internacional
52 331 341 4060 Whatsapp 
Cambio temporal de numeros telefonicos
Cambiamos el centro de operaciones, temporalmente le atenderemos en los telefonos:
01 33 3109 4414 Todo México sin costo
52 33 3109 4414 Internacional
52 33 1341 4060 Whatsapp

Una vez que nos entreguen los numeros anteriores le atenderemos de regreso en los numeros:
01 800 467 1770 y 01 33 3120 1013 Todo México sin costo
52 33 3120 1013 Internacional
52 33 1341 4060 Whatsapp

Por su comprensión gracias.

We are pleased to inform our clients and collaborators that we have started the ISACA certification process.
This will result in better solutions for all our customers and collaborators.

To make your payments
Puede acudir a Banorte, Ixe, Santander, 7Eleven, Oxxo, Farmacias guadalajara, Farmacias del ahorro.
Ademas de contado con tarjetas de crédito o débito.
O a meses sin intereses con tarjetas de crédito Visa, Master card, American Express o Diners club

New offices
SlySoftware Puerta de Hierro Business Center
Av Real Acueducto 360-A Piso 5
Colonia Puerta de Hierro
Zapopan Jalisco Mexico 45116

Our specialty
We specialize in developing custom systems, electronic commerce plus (eCommerce plus), SEO plus, consulting, webhosting.
We help your business grow by properly marketing your products on the Internet. Could be at your own website, facebook, catalog, campaigns or what you need.

Increase your sales, free diagnose
Most websites do not have what they need to get optimum results. Increase your sales getting a FREE website diagnose so you can get maximum performance of your website.

Employment Bureau System 6.x
Employment bureau system v6.x, now with more versions to better adapt to your budget and needs, and even better features.

Suit and dress rentals system 4.x
New versions of the suit and dress rentals system.
So much improvements and features. Better integration with social networks
More information | DEMO

Custom software development
We develop custom systems to your needs. LAN/WEB, we use the most versatile development platform in the market, no obsolescence hassles, excellent features and superior performance

Free dynamic website and free domain
With the order of any internet hosting plan get a complete interactive website and a domain for free. With privacy terms, shopping cart, dynamic content, unlimited sections, Inmediate delivery, Domain setup at your name. More information

Dynamic content
Every web application we deliver, has dynamic content. This means the system can be updated without depending on programmers or knowing HTML code. Helping you keep your costs down and keep updated your website from the comfort of your computer.

Automatic cloud backup
90% of the companies do not have an automated backup system. Do not risk your information. Request today our automated backup system, from 1Mb to 1000Tb daily totally automatically. In or out your office, Cloud backup, without monthly fees. Totally private.

Prevention VS Reaction
Keep low your operation costs, its a lot better to prevent situations that react to them. We have exclusive techniques to anticipate this situations BEFORE they happen.

Internet access control
45% of work time is lost due non authorized internet access, setup today our effective internet access control and get back your company productivity.

Personal data protection law
We have new versions available of all of our systems to comply with the personal data protection law applicable in Mexico. Please consider it, the implications are considerable. We have solutions to automatically collect consent or flag the record for automatic removal. Get your privacy message today.
IFAI website. Remember, the privacy message is not enough, you need some controls and mechanisms. We assist you.

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  • Information technologies consulting
  • Process auditing, improvement and automatization.
  • Website development, auditing and updating
  • eCommerce
  • SEO Search engine optimization
  • Facebook and Google campaigns
  • Product catalogs, price lists
  • Accounts receivable, online collection, etc.
  • Domains, Industrial dedicated webhosting.
  • Technical support, IT outsourcing.
    Among other services ...
  • Sistema Bolsa de Trabajo 6.x
  • Venta y Alquiler de trajes, vestidos y accesorios 4.x
  • SolucionECommerce
  • CASClientes 4.x
  • SACSeguros
  • ControlaFacturas 2.0
  • Sitio web interactivo 4.20.x
  • Sistema control membresias 2.x
  • Facturacion electronica 2.x (Proximamente al aire)
  • Sistema Bares y Restaurantes 2.x
    Among other ...
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